In 1995 Saskia Havekes opened a small flower shop, Grandiflora, in Sydney’s Potts Point. Today, while the shop still flourishes
its founder has an international reputation not only as a florist, but as an author and now a creator of fragrances.

The Grandiflora aesthetic has influenced interior styling, hospitality, fashion, editorial and even the modern rituals of giving
and displaying flowers. Saskia Havekes does not arrange flowers, she curates them. Drama and scale are her signatures.
From an artful posy to a full-scale installation Saskia is always searching for the chance to sculpt beauty out of the bounty
of nature and the mutability of the seasons.

Havekes has shared her passion for flowers in the publication of four books, Grandiflora (Viking, 1999), Grandiflora
(Penguin, 2007), Grandiflora Celebrations (Penguin, Lantern 2011), and Flower Addict (Penguin, Lantern 2015).
Accenting natural beauty, highlighting remarkable events or cleverly suggesting wilder ways to arrange flowers and foliage,
each book reveals a rich insight into the Grandiflora vision.

2013 saw the Paris launch of her first two fragrances Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine and Magnolia Grandiflora Michel.
In 2015 Madagascan Jasmine launched in the beautiful store Fenwick in London. In 2016 Queen of the Night was
launched under a rare pink moon in the historic Roudnitska family garden, Cabris, France and 2017 saw the launch of
her 5th fragrance, Boronia, at Pitti Fragranze in Florence, Italy.

Grandiflora is still located in the small store that launched her name. And whatever the destiny of her fragrances — already
attracting international regard Saskia can still be found handpicking her flowers before dawn at the Sydney flower markets.